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Today while doing my normal routine of working/artmaking/housewifing/travelplanning, I am also tending to a newly planted lawn. Project 26 of this ongoing remodel of our dear little property involved tearing up an overgrown slope of a side yard and taming it into a lovely terraced lawn. This was precipitated by project 25 which was the installation of what my husband lovingly called the "cuisanart", a giant grinder pump that connects our toilets to city sewer. The installation of this tore up the back of our property. After consulting with a landscape designer and getting a quote of five thousand dollars (gulp) which amounted to tons of mulch and some little plants we opted to take on the project ourselves.

Fortune follows the foolish.

So armed with five hundred dollars worth of railroad ties, rocks, and a huge bag of grass seed we gingerly began project 26 a month ago assuming that it was a "weekend warrior" kinda thang. Yea right. Four weekends later we have something that looks like we need to move in farm animals.

Actually that is a good thing.

What we now have is a slope covered with straw which apparently is the prescribed method for babying newly planted seeds.

Now the task is to keep those little babies watered so they don't die.

Before picture. May 7

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