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thanks to wonderful weather friday's artist date was gardening oriented with time focused on sun on my face and reading a great book (the war of art). Friday slid into saturday and with it came time to pour the next section of concrete for our kitchen. The continuing(and probably never-ending) remodeling project of our beloved maryland shack has included some wild experiments and this one has been a really fun one.

this is a shot of the curing concrete that once freed from it's mold will be flipped over to create a section of countertop for a kitchen island. The process is totally messy but tons of fun with an unpredictable outcome. In a few days I will flip them and reveal the embedded leaves and fossils (hopefully). Then it gets stained and sealed.


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blair, i've been hanging out with my friends--the sculptors who forge iron, and they are dying to meet you once i told them about your concrete projects. we have to coordinate so you can go to their next pour.

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