blogiversary and a post-mothersday blessing

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One year ago today I started blogging. When I began it was with the attitude of what the heck is blogging, maybe I should try it. Although I am not one of those daily bloggers, I was still hooked enough to continue and it is an amazing virtual universe to discover. What I thought would be something akin to messages in a bottle has turned out to be...


What is really fun is when your blog world connects with your real world in unexpected ways, like yesterday.

Someone saw my new painting on Jen's blog and followed the link to my blog about this new work and was blessed. That's great. But what was even better was this person walked into her church on mothersday and saw this painting on the screens because her church uses as one of theire visual ministry resources and I had uploaded my new painting for all our churches to use for mothersday. I guess it sort of blew her away. And now I hear the story through an email and I was sort of blown away. A blessing boomarang.

god uses blog.

Thanks Jennie and Tammy Jo for sharing the story and so letting me see god's hand in my work.

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