out of the closet

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out of the closet

I got a warm fuzzy a couple of days ago when I realized what really turns me on. I love to see other artists discovering their artistic voice. Having been in the support position to my husband's music ministry for so many years must have had something to do with it, but honestly until now I didn't realize how strongly I feel about the encouragement of visual artists. You think I would have clued in a little sooner considering my whole business is based on the connection of artists and ministries. But I guess what has emerged from a simple idea is the realization that there are a lot of artists out there that don't value themselves as artists and therefore stunt there own creative spirit.

I was reminded of this while on the phone with my brother-in-law, a gifted photographer who doesn't know how gifted he is. However the phone conversation wasn't about him it was about his wife. She is a painter. I had emailed him about some of his work on the planet and in some of the email banter I asked him when his talented wife was going to start contributing. So later, while on the phone, he explained that she doesn't think she is good enough.

Who does.

But there was more to this then the regular swing of self doubt that plagues every artist including yours truly. This was something deeper. Something that if left alone would never allow the girl to find the art in her soul. Brother-in-law went on to mention family history and the lack of encouragement, the need for perfection, and a number of other things that hindered her.

I started to feel a burning sensation. A kind of positive anxiety(that is the only way I know how to describe it.)The kind of feeling you get when you know you need to do something. I know there is something to this because it is the only thing that I ever extrovert about.

So I prompted him again about encouraging her to get some of her art to me for the planet. I know our little site is not the end-all "you have arrived" experience for an artist, but there is something about seeing your work online. And what is even better is knowing that people all over the world are seeing it in various ministry settings. We had a couple of churches from Australia sign up just yesterday. The one that I think is so cool is the church in Malaysia. Anyway, the point is it is encouraging to know that your artistic expression can have further reaching impact than just inside a gallery, or for some, storage.

And for me, seeing another artist encouraged, fanned to life like a flame, well that just gives me a buzz.

So, I sent off a copy of The Artist's Way*, to my sister-in-law in hopes to begin the process of bringing another artist out of the closet.

* The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron is the absolute best book on guiding an artist into their voice.

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