watching them go


Well, I commit business suicide today. The only comfort I have is knowing that it was the right thing to do. A little over a week ago we found out that the company that we use to handle the financial transactions for avisualplanet had been bought out by a company that produces adult content. My little business facing a moral dilemma.

This is where faith in business is really put to the test.

It is really funny how the world works. And this would be funny too except it is my livelyhood. But what does a person of conviction do when that conviction is challenged?

You jump of a cliff.

So after much consideration we sent out a letter to all or our subscribers (200 plus) explaining that we would be switching companies and why. In order to do this they have to cancel their subscription and rejoin with the new processor. Of course I know full well that human nature being what it is, some will cancel and not rejoin, at least not right away.

So I sit here watching cancellation after cancellation, email after email. There they go, some taking as much content as they can download. It is what we asked for and what we wanted but it is still so scary to watch them go. Some are commending us on having integrity, some are offering prayers. I just hope when the time comes they offer their business too.

I have a headache. But I also have that feeling that you get when you know that God has given you a specific instruction and you follow it. I have been on this cliff before in different forms and I am always amazed at what happens after I jump. I have never been disappointed but the falling is still scary.

So now I fall. Hopefully a soft landing awaits and I don't get stuck in a tree on the way down.


Sending you a hug.

oh blair, i had no idea that you were 'visual planet' - not a clue! i think god will honor your decision here, and many (i would hope most) of your clientele will too.

i will be speaking to my youth pastor husband about subscribing (and thinking about his digital art as something he could contribute) and i would have never really known had you not blogged on this very item.

i've poked around the site and am so impressed at all you do! brilliant! you will have made my husband's day, honest!

Betsy, thanks for the hug(I imagine it with lots of pink eyelash fuzz). Bobbie, thanks for the encouraging words. They are much needed and gratefully accepted!! I am constantly suprised by the communal power of blog.

Blair, cyber hug from me too. Holding you, and your business, in His Light.

any news on how it's going? i haven't stopped praying! :) and i've almost talked my husband into sending you some of his art for consideration for visual planet.

anj and bobbie, I totally covet those prayers. We probably won't be able to get a clear picture for several days. We lost half of our membership in a few hours and now it is a slow trickle. We have only had a handful rejoin but that is not a true indication yet. It may sound trite but I know God will somehow provide until we are back on our feet. It is that solid feeling that you know you did the right thing and so He will take care of the details. Most of my artists don't know about this transition and are being paid as usual. bobbie, tell your husband that I would love to see his work!

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