painting with paint, part one


it's friday! Artist date day and I have big plans. Like so many others I should be blogging on the presidential debate last night, but what is there to say really? It has rolled around in my head for hours this morning and frankly my big challenge today is to not think about it and go on my artist date.

So, hopefully unhindered I begin something I haven't done in years, paint with real paint.

There have been several concepts that have chased me relentlessly this past year, a few of which I actually managed to sketch, but not made the time(or had the time) to put brush to canvas. The other issue that haunts me is the idea that I have become somewhat dependant on my digital medium that this new/old medium might not come so easy. I can picture myself getting intimidated by the idea, and maybe, in truth, that is why I haven't had the time. Maybe there is a hint of facing a fear in this activity. I mean, what if what I create actually stinks? Ok, now I hear all of the "wise" things that I would say to all my planet artists and realize how hard it is to take my own advice. Ha.

So today, part one, is the first step. Building the canvas. Yes, I believe that it is an important part of the process, so as I sit here, the glue is drying in the pine frame that I cut last night. The canvas is laid out to be stretched and as soon as I get off here I will do that and hopefully by this afternoon sometime there will actully be paint on my brush.

I feel a weird mix of hesitation with a sort of wild anticipation.

It is just a canvas.

I will keep you posted.


Blair - how exciting! I can't wait to hear how it goes! I have a dream of someday putting paint to canvas too so for now I'll live vicariously thru you. Right now I only put paint on furniture - fun - we call it functional art. But a canvas is so much more personal, comes more from your heart I think. have fun! play hard!

thanks Candy! I would love to see your functional art.

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