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One of my more work related projects has bumped into a number of roadblocks. Today I am thumbing through my shiny green notebook. As I land in the section that outlines my longer project plans I am pestered by the fact that my deadline is looming and I am only on step two out of ten. This project is a photographic collection that I actually plan to publish. Unlike all my other work on the "planet" this one needs to be executed in stages rather than just happen. I have enough photographic content stored up from various shoots (puerto rico, cancun, boston, washington, calif....bla bla) all of which could keep me quite busy tweaking, designing, and uploading. This project is different. it is a collection that I have wanted to do with great intention

The really big roadblock now is that I need to secure a location outside of my little home studio. Beg, borrow, or rent, I need something that I can light and that has easy access for others.

Enter Mayorga Coffee Factory

After having struck out with three other locations I have high hopes that this one is it. It is this cool coffee shop with live music and leather couches, great food and of course, coffee. The other thing they have is a side room that looks to be rentable. So I just sent of an email to the main dude. Hopefully he will be open to my proposition.

And then I can move on to step three.

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