it is a virtue to be "mean"

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I ran into this while studying up on european travel. (yes I am planning a trip) The author of the travel guide applied this principle when planning a trip but it applies to everything.

The middle way between too much and too little of something.

Aristotle held that virtue is always a mean between vicious extremes of excess and deficiency.

It is interesting that I ran into this the same week that I am working on my painting. For some time I have been interested in the "golden mean" and I have incorporated it symbolically in my painting. The visual of this is something that my family has fondly deemed "swirlies". Swirlies have been with me a long time. When I was still metalsmithing, (creating silver jewelry) there were swirlies incorporated into the designs. My studio wall(which is painted black) has glossy black swirlies painted on it. The ceramic cups that we drink our capuccino from have swirlies on them.

Anyway, simplified, swirlies represent beauty, perfection, and all that is good. For me it is a symbolic reminder of god.

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