friday at the mall

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Thankfully my friday turned out ok, actually great. Driving to our destination, my son and I chat. He talks of plot lines and character development in the story he has been writing. This is one of my favorite topics of discussion with him because, as his mom, I think he is brilliant and could listen to this for hours. I navigate through my fear of getting lost while I listen. I hadn't driven to this mall before so it is an extra challange. But, thankfully we find our way to the most sensory intense place in the universe outside Disney and I manage to find a decent parking spot. Walking toward the entrance, Daniel puts his arm around me. This reminds me that he senses my tiredness. We are not a huggy-touchy-kissy family and so this gesture means alot.

The shopping fairy waved her wand because we actually found the stuff that Daniel needed. Even better, stuff he liked. I tend to regard shopping as a neccessary evil and so when you can't find what you want it seems like a colossal waste of time. But the fairy was kind and smiling today. We found boots that were black but not too "goth", a coat that fit and requires only minor modification to suit his "style", and a few other items both needed and just fun. Among the fun accessories was a black bandana.

We chatted and shopped, stopped at the food court for lunch. Him munching his healthy chinese food, me with my popeye chicken, I devulged my plan to include a stop in Ireland on our Europe itenerary that I am planning for next summer. This was news to him and loving all things Irish, he gave me a grin. But the stop would have two purposes. Sight seeing (of course) and checking out Trinity College in Dublin.

One might think "how extravagant" except that I have been hoping and planning this kind of trip for years. With Daniel a junior in high school, now is the time. One thing I have been intent on is our family trips, and they hold great memories. Planning this one makes me realize that time keeps ticking away. Grabbing those moments is so important.

Even moments in the mall.

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