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I feel kinda bad that I haven't blogged for a week but there has been little time. Working on a new ad concept for the planet took most of my mental energy and so blogging was sacrificed. As much as I hate the concept of advertising, it is the one way that people find my art and thus keep me in this work that I love so much. Such a circle. Anyway, the new ad reveals my heartfelt conviction that doing a business in the sense of ministry needs to be less of a business and more of a ministry. I struggle with what I see in the "Christian" resource market. Especially when I brush up against some of the business practices and attitudes. I have thought alot about it in terms of the story of Jesus and the money changers. It is a fine line. So this ad gently (I hope) put my conviction out there. So for anyone who chances on this blog and wants to give their two cents. Here it is…

ad text: is a community of artists who love the global church and desire to contribute our gifts to the visual culture. We see ourselves as part of your ministry and so we offer our work through an open handed subscription. That is what "unlimited" means to us. We know that not all ministries are the same and that is why works so well. You take what you need for your ministry. No matter what the size of your church, the minute you subscribe you are given access to thousands of images and loops.

Download ten, twenty, or fifty as you need, that's why we are here. As artists we continue to create new, original works that are added weekly so you always see something new. That is our ministry as artists. In a culture where church resources have become big business, we maintain a loaves and fishes philosophy that we hope to be God honoring.

From Malaysia, to New Zealand, Taiwan to the US, we want to thank all of the churches worldwide who use our resource. Your support has enabled us to create the art that you have come to rely on for communicating the gospel to a visual culture.

— Blair Anderson
artist and founder of

So there it is.

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I think it's great. Good job.

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