i need to clean out my fridge

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i need to clean out my fridge

At first I opened the door in search for food. A faint odor emerged. There are things in my fridge that need to come out. Old things. Moldy things. I can smell them but they are way in the back. I don't even want to touch the containers let alone opening them. I know that I have left this task too long. Instead of taking everything out and cleaning the whole inside, I have thrown things away, here and there knowing full well that there is more. Doing a little at a time has sufficed but it is alot like vacuuming around the furniture instead of moving it. The hard thing is that it is such a project. Cleaning the fridge. To really do it properly takes time. I don't have time today. I didn't have time yesterday, or the day before and so it goes. The other thing I know to be true is that you never really know how bad it is until you get into it. The stuff at the back is either forgotten and gross or stuff you never use. Why do we hold onto the old stuff in our fridge? All these items that are taking up space actually keep you from putting new stuff in...

They crowd out the new meats, fresh fruit, and nutritious stuff that feeds you. The other thing they do is ruin things. Some of those containers with the rotten food are leaking. Whether smells or liquids, they are tainting the fresh foods. It is awful when you bite into something expecting sweet and fresh and end up tasting last week's garlic pasta!

So today I clean the fridge. I am prompted because I have to buy groceries to feed myself and my family, and those groceries have to go into the fridge. Which means I have to take out the trash. The trash because I need a place to throw the old food while I am cleaning out the fridge. Which means I have to put on my shoes. sigh.

I can't help but notice that a dirty fridge is a great metaphor for life, church(hmm.), and for a zillion other things, but I am not going to go too far down that road right now. I have too much to do today (including cleaning my fridge!)

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